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Skin diseases

Food Allergy

Allergies to certain food proteins contribute to 25% of the cases of allergic skin disease in dogs and up to 50% in cats that we see. Itchy skin around the head ears and neck are the most prevalent symptoms of food allergy. The most commonly recognised foods that may trigger problems in dogs are chicken and beef and to a lesser extent lamb, pork, eggs, dairy and wheat. In cats, fish and chicken are the most common food allergens. 

The best solution to resolve food allergies is to feed a diet based on a novel protein source that has either never been fed before or has not been fed more than 2 years. Our most commonly recommended novel animal protein source is kangaroo meat in both cats and dogs. This can be achieved by formulating a home cooked diet or by using a commercially prepared food. A local Western Australian company, Natural Balance produce a Delicate Care biscuit for dogs and cats that is based on kangaroo meat and duck that is free from chicken, beef, wheat and dairy products. Please visit their website.www.naturalbalance.net.au


Itchy Skin Handout