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Welcome to Applecross Veterinary Hospital

At the Applecross Veterinary Hospital we pride ourselves in providing our clients with modern and up to date veterinary care. We aim to provide our clients with a personalised service to meet their specific needs.

Car Park Resurfacing

Our carpark has been resurfaced and new parking bay lines were painted on 2nd May. All car parking bays are now in a north-south orientation. Fence and driveway parking is reserved for staff cars according to the plan below.


After Hours

From 5th November 2018 we will no longer provide an after hours service and will be unable to hospitalise patients overnight. If your pet requires overnight attention then they will need to be transferred to a referral hospital for over night care and returned to us in the morning. If your pet needs this then our staff will explain the process to you on the day.

Post vaccination antibody response report

We have released our antibody testing results from the last five years. Please download the article here.



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Locate Applecross Veterinary Hospital on Google MapsApplecross Veterinary Hospital services the pet community in Applecross, Ardross, Alfred Cove,   Mt Pleasant, Booragoon, Como, Manning, Waterford and other surrounding suburbs.

Address: 9 Sleat Road Applecross, WA 6153. (08) 9364 7666

 Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9.00am-5:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-11.30am

Sundays & Public Holidays


Telephone 93647666

We are unable to provide afterhours services.